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Choosing a great niche (topic)
The first thing that most writers face is the topic to write about; therefore ending up choosing a topic they might not be good at. So in order to publish a great article, you have to know about or choose the topic you like to write about. And be very careful in terms of researching about the topic.
Your title matters
Many bloggers face difficulties in choosing the title for their post there by ending up with the wrong title, to bypass this, you have to make sure that your title march what you are writing and also march your site title and or Description. I am sure if you can be careful with this, you will end up publishing great articles and also boosting your online presence (SEO).
The main outline of your post points
This is the main plan of your work, you have to outline the main part you are going to cover in your post so that people may understand even better whenever they read your post, let’s say you  are going to write about gadgets; so your outline would be base on gadgets related keywords e.g tech, reviews, latest and soon. So as to pass an understanding topic to your readers.
The Introduction Part
An introduction is a great way to keep your readers coming back and following or subscribing  to your blog; so make sure you know how the basics on how to make a very great and matured introduction, so that your reader s might understand what your post is all about even from the introductory part. Provide a very nice introduction that your readers would always like coming back to your blog.
The main “Body”
This is where your attention should base, as I wrote above, don’t try to mess up with your topic for instance, you write a title about how to root an android , and then ending up without giving the required information.
Also don’t copy and paste others work to your blog because that is what many noobs bloggers usually do; may be some finds it difficult type ore are too busy to do a research for their articles because they are too lazy to publish theirs.  As I loved my favorite quote “If you are looking for a book, but cant finds it, then its left for you to write your own version” that’s what normally comes into my mind whenever I want to publish a new topic in my blog. Also make some research to see different people ideas about what you want to write, so that you can combine many ideas and there by building up a more Unique and great article.
 Don’t full your article post with images or videos but a little content; rather try to have enough content (words) and less media(images or videos). This will also boost your seo and a higher rank for your website.
The concluding part

The last step is the conclusion of your post; you just arrive at the concluding part and would like to end up your post in the right and greater way, then you have to make your conclusion in a mature way and also asking your readers to subscribe, like and comment. Also embeds your social pages like facebook fan page, twitter profile Google plus or and YouTube channel and encourage them to like or follow your site for your updates. This will increase your page views and also bounce rate, increasing your site popularity.

Thanks all for reading and don’t forget to subscribe, like and share with all. 
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About Computer System Great Secret

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About Computer System

Definition; A computer is an electronic device that can accept data(raw facts) process it (through processing devices) and produce a useful information.

Classifications of computer
·         By Generation

Classifying computer by their respective generation is very important. We have to know a little bit about some of the generations of computer from the olden days till date.
They are listed here:


The first generation computer was developed around the period of 1946-1952, using Vacuum tubes (around 16000) for the general processing. But are very large in size and also generate a lot of heat, moreover very slow in processing information. ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Automatic Computer) is one of the first generation.


The second generation computer was developed around the period of 1952-1964 Using the power of transistors for the general processing with an increase in speed more than that of the first generation , and the size is reduced.


The third generation computer was developed around the period of 1964-1971 using integrated circuit (IC) for the general processing, it uses SSI and MSI (Small scale integration and Medium scale integration) with an increase In speed more than both the previous generations.


This was developed around the period 1971-1990 Using integrated circuits (Ics) for the general processing and are LSI (Large scale integration) based with an improved speed more than the previous generations.


This computer was developed since 1990 till date using (ICs) for the general processing using VLSI and ULSI (Very Large Scale Integration and Ultra Large Scale integration) formats they are referred to as the AIs (Artificial Intelligence).


We can think of having different computers but unknowingly of or about the type or sort they belong to, so today skytechers will wipe all your thoughts about this matter by giving you the different types of computer we have; they include :
They are group of computers that use physical properties.
They are computers that use numbers or we can say they use Digitalize data.
When we say something is hybrid it means that it can perform the task of two different things at a same time; so these type of computer can combine and execute the functions of both digital and analogue computers at a same time.


We have take a brief moment talking about the types of computer and their generation, so skytechers are here to list the classification of computer by size.
They include:
*micro and
*Super computer


Computer can be classified into two categories; these are
General purpose and
Special purpose computers.
This post will be updated soon so just be visiting for the special updates from the Ultimate skytechers.

Thanks for reading; having issues that needs our attention, then never heisted to use the comment section. And don’t forget to share and subscribe to our updates free.
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How to change the Imei of your Android Device

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How to change the Imei of your

Android Device

Today I have intended to offer a very wonderful topic which is on how to change the Imei of your own android easily without the intervention of a pc, fast and you need to have root access if you don’t know how you can root your device, you can check out our tutorial 

But before we start, I will like to tell about Imei, you what you need Imei for, and how you can change you’re Android Imei.


An Imei is a series of numbers usually placed at the back of your Device. They are very special numbers and every Device’s own is Unique its use as identification to that particular Device Either on the internet or by a global positioning system {GPS}. As I told you that each device in the internet has its own unique Imei identifying the Device type. Not even when it’s connected to the internet but even when you are offline; your imei can be accessed by dialing *#06# any mobile phone not necessarily Android but any IOS Mobile, Android, Windows mobile, java enabled mobile or even a common mobile that cannot access the net.

what you need Imei for

As we have discussed earlier about an Imei, then a lot of people will start questioning themselves; Why do you need an Imei??? So am congratulating you that you ask in the right place because skytechers have solution to all your problems and your questions. So it goes like this >> you might need to reset your Android to factory Default and there by resulting in the lost of you Imei Number  so what will be at your mind now is that… what happen to your droid? Because without the Imei number, you can’t even make a call not even to compose a message. So then that’s the problem caused by an Invalid Imei because it wouldn’t even show up the SIM Name. So follow us fluently to know how to bring back you device back to full life. As I said earlier you have to root you android before you putting or changing the Imei. Here we go>>>

Step 1

 You need an app to achieve this first Download the App here>>

Step 2                                                                                                           

After you have downloaded and successfully install the App, the name of the app is chamelophone. You need to follow our root tutorial in order to root your phone successfully. And make sure after you open the app you will see an authentication as you can see from the image below just tap on allow or grant access to chamelophon.

Step 3

Now you will see an interface where you can enter the Digits of the Imei usually sixteen digits; now that you have reach have this step, open the cover of your phone to reveal the Imei of you phone. That is if you wish to put back your default Imei.


Now that you have know your Imei, so you just have to enter the Imei into the field provided IMEI 1 and IMEI 2 after that, just click on apply new Imei and just restart your phone. After successful Droid Reboot, Now dial *#06# to see your Applied Imei.

NOTE: You may encounter a problem such as the lost of your device Imei or having difficulties revealing your device Imei, so just dial the option “GENERATE RANDOM IMEI” and apply the generated one then just reboot and check you Imei number as specified above.

Do you encounter a problem with any of the steps? Then as your question using the comment section and receive a fast response. THANKS FOR READING AND DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE TO OUR UPDATES NO SPAM!! WE PROMISE
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How To Root Your Android Device Easily Without a PC

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How To Root Your Android Device Easily Without a PC

As you see the header of our topic about rooting an android device without the need or an involvement of a PC, and I believe if you finish following or simple and easy tutorial, you will find a helpful tips, tricks and ways to have access to your Android root. but before we delve into the mania of our tutorials i no some people doesn't even knows what is meant by "ROOTING", so just wait and follow us gently as Skytechers is here to solve all your possible problems using our genuine and authentic measures.
so here we go...
What Is Rooting And some of the advantages and the Disadvantages of Rooting.
So firstly we're going to start by knowing what is rooting in terms of the computing world, So rooting is the process of having an entire control over your Device (Since we're dealing with device), when you root your device then you can have root access of your Device having to even delete the default apps(sometimes). so the more you root your device, is just like you are now having root access over your android device.

Some Advantages

Rooting Have tons of advantages but we are going to just helps with a little few among the advantage of rooting your android device; some of this merits are listed here:

Installing some of the apps that requires root access

As we all know we really loves to download and use many apps, where by some of the apps will need root access and if you don't have root access ( Didn't root your phone) then you will miss the use of the app you've download and wanted to use.

Will loves to see you having root access

All we want is to have root access so we will be glad to see the issue is  been solved. having the topmost root access of our device gives us many more advantages. only few are mentioned here.

Some Disadvantages

Since we know rooting has many merits that we have make  mention earlier, so and for all things especially the one dealing with Device has Great side and the back side or we call them the advantages and the disadvantages as we are going to now list some the few disadvantages

Security Status Of your Device after rooting your android device

After you have root your device, don't forget that your device security privacy is exposed now you can face any security penalties or privacy penalty which some times result to some other leading devices.

You Can Now Install every App
 As i make mention earlier, that you have just obtain root access of your Android device and then you might download and install a malware which may cause some inconveniences there by resulting in users device bricked or being attacked by a malware you install yourself. so know the kinds of apps you install after root.

So now since you know what is meant by rooting an Android device, with some of its merits and demerits, so i know by now you may have the intention of either to root or not to root you device.
so do it at your own risk.
So here are the procedures if you are ready to root your Android Device; we are using one of the fastest and greatest Android Rooting applications known as KINGROOT  it has many versions some works and some doesn't work actually but you can download the working version HERE>>>
So follow this steps to root your Android.....:

>>>After you download the app, install the app and make sure you have a working and strong internet connectivity in order to get started.
as you can see from this image:

>>> Open the kingroot app after successfully installation, you can see welcome image so just proceed and wait for it to obtain root access from your device.

>>> So now you can see a button that says Try Root or Root now  just click what ever it says after checking for the root access from your device, so you will begin to see a loading screen just wait for the process to complete and you are all done You just root your android device.
Don,t forget to use the comment section for question or testimonies skytechers love to see your comments.
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Today the talking Skytechers is here to help the famous skytechers on the above mention topic i.e HOW TO BUY BTC WITH YOUR BANK CREDIT CARD OR DEBIT CARD, Many people are in the midst of wanting to buy BTC or popularly known as bit coins but some people don't know how they can actually buy the bitcoin with their own CC or DC. Follow us and read carefully to understand how you can buy your own bitcoin with your own credit card.  
Card credentials are safely stored in the card manager of each user's profile. Even if that service is listed here, you cannot trust any of the complaint below due to this being an open community of editors that allows anyone to coalesce their own website to the place They understand all major payment PayPal, bank wires, and cashiers setback.

Bitcoin Instantly  offers multiple recompense methods, making and  buying bitcoins breeze. bit gift  users to buy Bitcoin online by credit and entry gondola in a briskness. This limit may be raised if requested. All European and Canadian residents may buy bitcoin by capital with Neosurf. allows you to repurchase Bitcoin with credit and entry cards. Payment is done either through Paypal's terminating or Mijireh Checkout. All kinds of basket, terminate the prepaid ones, accepted.

No paperwork request for your first purchase. It is also in the choice interest of anyone looking to purchase bitcoins with a credit card online to fully investigate the website offering this officeDifferent currencies - USD, EUR, GBP - immolate. Available in the United States, Canada, and most of Europe. Panful is a fellow to peer dealing purpose that at anytime there may be one or many vendors of varying reputation tolerate you to buy bitcoin instantly with a debit card or next Time with bank deposits, paypal or any one of hundreds of requital privilege across the circle. CEX.IO obtained a PCI DSS certificate that shows that the barter bestow required level of defense due assiduity for tankage, processing and transmission of payment card data.

CoinCorner currently operates in more than 45 countries cosmopolitan and accepts all greater honor and enter cards (including prepaid nacelle), allowing users to buy bitcoin instantly. The number of cards linked to a profile is flat unlimited.

CEX.IO Bitcoin Exchange assign users to buy Bitcoins with almost any style of payment card (belief/debit card, prepaid card, etc.) issued in any fluency. They have clients from the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Australia, Japan and many others. The confirmation is extremely simple; all  you need to is enter a code from the escarp narrative and a code from the sms. After complete account proof users may repurchase Bitcoin up to 500€ per week by estimation card. Other recompense options are available, including mound transfer and SEPA. Be sure to check a traders regard score first as this is si important and has to be accurate. cex,io claim to provide the best experience of emption Bitcoins with requital cards on the fair. It wone't take more than 15-20 exact. also try by  selling bitcoins to people from all over the world, people can buy bitcoins with a credit or debit card. While credit cards are the LEAST safe way to redeem bitcoin there are some sellers who will do it if you have a high enough fame via Paxful’s Larsen effect system. 
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Why You should Choose Linux OS

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Why You should Choose Linux OS

As we all know its not every one that is familiar with a Linux operating system, hmmm I know what started to mingle in your minds; sonme might thinks that its too obstruct, others might say they never heard of it so you all have to keep calm and see whats going to be your end result after reading through this post so i think some might try to see they try the Linux OS and some might be thinking they should just keep on using there Windows and or Mac OS. Many windows? Use workspaces. Use MSN, AIM, ICQ, Jabber, with a sincere program. Jump into the next generation of desktops. Help other countries, and your own. No back doors in your software. Use MSN, AIM, ICQ, Jabber, with a single playbill. Get a commanding music libertine. Get a great melody player. Too many windows? Use workspaces. Don't pay $100 or higher for your operating system. Why copy software illegally if you can get it for innocent? Need unspent software? Don't disturb your self trying to ask our Grandpa "Google", searching the web, Linux have it all for you. "What a pretty Operating System", I imagine myself as I watched that Blue Window ominously caper existence over my screen. No more c**pware. Don't wait years for bugs to be solved; report and trace them down. Update all your software with a single click. 

Don't wait years for wiretap to be clear up; report and track them down.  Why does your Windows get slower day after and all day? trying to do something for the environment. Which sounds sincere in theory, but its irrelevant seeing you navigating the vast group of questionable websites to find a agreeable editor that may, or may not contain some lenient of Virus or Malware. Freedom! When the system has installed, why would you still wonder to install press? Forget helter-skelter drivers hmm we are really trying for Windows all this hardship. Why does your Windows get slower day after the few cases where you should set to Windows (for now) There is owning software you can't last without being a hardcore gamer.  Try Linux today without moving Windows Install Linux (and still keep Windows to see the difference) and if you're already a Linux geek, you can contribute also through the comment section. Just Forget about viruses.  Enjoy free and unlimited support. I keep on shouting That Linux is Freedom! When the system has induct, why would you still strait to install furniture? Forget touching drivers. Choose what your desktop looks like. Is your system unstable? Linux protects your computer. Remember that I keep on Insisting that you can't reward $100 for your System. Is your system fluid? Linux shield your computer. No big mess in choosing your Operating System think Wise and think Different Lets Be back to safety.

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The Network Topology

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Today i feels to share this important topic with all my readers.
Network topology is defined as the interconnection of Devices  in order to form a network; for the aim of informational sharing, so i will just talk about it in brief.
Logical topologies are often closely combined with media accessibility government methods and procedure. Token ring is a competent ring topology, but is wired as a curative star from the media access unit. Easiest to hear, of the variations of point-to-stage topology, is a point-to-stage communications channel that appears, to the user, to be permanently associated with the two endpoints. In the tingle mesh topology, the workstations are united in a loop configuration. When one protuberance throw data to another, the data passes through each mediator node on the tingle until it expanse its destination. Distances between nodes, natural interconnections, transmission charge, or extraordinary types may differ between two networks, yet their topologies may be identical. An advantage of the bespangle topology is the silliness of unite additional nodes. The deterioration of a transmission note join any peripheral to the middle node will result in the separation of that external node from all others, but the last peripheral device nodes will be simple. In many instances, the logical analysis situs is the same as the physical topology. A child's tin can telephone is one example of a material dedicated gully. For example, a wood network (or star-bus network) is a hybrid topology in which star fret are interconnected via bus networks. quoth that every computer is indirectly connected to every other swelling with the support of the block. 

But this is not always the enclose. In a partially adjunct fret, certain nodes are constant to exactly one other node; but some nodes are connected to two or more other nodes with a point-to-peculiarity link. Essentially, it is the topological form of a network and may be portrayed physically or logically. This refers to the layout of cabling, the locations of nodes, and the interconnections between the nodes and the cabling. 

Hybrid fret bind two or more topologies in such a distance that the resulting network does not exhibit one of the test topologies (e.g., omnibus, star, girdle, etc.). So it can be pret. However, the disadvantage is that the failure of the central node will cause the failure of all of the peripheral nodes. When the physical bespangle analysis situs is refer to a logical coach mesh such as Ethernet, this middle node (traditionally a nave) rebroadcasts all transmissions embrace from any external node to all peripheral device nodes on the network, sometimes embody the start node. The intermediate nodes iterate (retransmit) the data to keep the signal strong. 

Because the digit trunk topology consist in of only one bug, it is rather economical to implement when compare with to other topologies. Data travels around the ring in one government. An active * network has an active central node that ordinarily has the disgraceful to prevent echo-related problems. Network topology is the transcription of the various elements (golflinks, nodes, etc.) of a computer network. In a partially united mesh topology, there are at least two nodes with two or more paths between them to furnish redundant paths in case the torch supply one of the paths fails. Some networks are qualified to dynamically veer their clear-headed topology through configuration shift to their routers and crop. 

In topic area networks where bus analysis situs is utility, each node is connected to a single cable, by the prevent of interface connectors. Alternatively, if the data matches the machine adroitness, the data is accepted. The physical topology of a network is determined by the capabilities of the mesh outburst devices and media, the level of superintendence or want tolerance entreat, and the price associated with cabling or telecommunications circuits. (In plot supposition this is appeal to a complete graph.) The simplest abundantly connected network is a two-host mesh. The star topology reduces the chance of a network failure by connecting all of the peripheral device nodes (computers, etc.) to a central protuberance. This makes it possible to cause employment of some of the redundancy of engage topology that is physically fully related, without the expense and complicacy required for a connection between every protuberance in the network. A fully related meshwork, concluded topology, or full mesh analysis situs is a network topology in which there is a direct link between all pairs of nodes. The cabling layout employment to link devices is the physical topology of the Reticulum. 

The simplest topology with a devoted to link between two endpoints. 

A ring topology is a busbar analysis situs in a closed loop. However, since the multitude of connections grows quadratically with the contain of nodes:. A fully connected network doesn't need to use packet switching or broadcasting. Decentralization is often necessity to remunerate for the single-point-failure disadvantage that is ready when using a unmixed invention as a central node (e.g., in star and wood networks). However, the low cost of implementing the technology is offset by the hie suffering of managing the netting. In a fully connected network, all nodes are interconnected. 

Every swelling is a peer; there is no hierarchical relationship of clients and servers. 
The originating host must be able to tolerate the reception of an reply of its own transmission, delayed by the two-way round misstep transmission time (i.e. If one protuberance is impotent to retransmit data, it severs communication between the nodes before and after it in the bus-bar. In local scope networks with a star topology, each plexus host is connected to a nuclear hub with a prick-to-point connection. All traffic that turning the network passes through the central hub. 

Logical (or signal) topology refers to the nature of the paths the signals maintain from node to node. The primary disadvantage of the * topology is that the nave typify a individual instant of might-have-been. The number of despotic forks in mesh networks makes them more arduous to design and implement, but their decentralized nature mate them very useful. A special kind of network, edge the contain of halt between two nodes, we call it tesseract. However, a tree network related to another tree network is still topologically a timber network, not a distinct network example. The switch is the server and the peripherals are the clients. 

A indication from the source travels in both directions to all machines joined on the bus cable until it finds the intended recipient. All external nodes may thus communicate with all others by transmitting to, and admit from, the nuclear swelling only. A hybrid analysis situs is always produced when two different basic network topologies are joined. 

For precedent, the original twisted span Ethernet worn repeater hubs was a logical bus topology imply on a physical star topology. In Star analysis situs, every swelling (computer workstation or any other peripheral) is connected to a central protuberance called block, router or switch. In difference, topology is the road that the signals act on the net media, or the away that the data passes through the meshwork from one device to the next without regard to the physical interconnection of the devices. 

For illustrate, some networks are physically laid out in a star form, but they operate logically as bus or ring networks. The network does not unavoidably have to resemble a star to be classified as a star network, but all of the nodes on the fret must be connected to one central device. A reticulation's logical analysis situs is not necessarily the same as its physical analysis situs. In a fully connected net with n nodes, In the full mesh topology, each workstation is connected directly to each of the others. This topology is mostly skilled in military applications. In the partial mesh topology, some workstations are united to all the others, and some are united only to those other nodes with which they exchange the most data. Networks show with this topology are usually very expensive to prepare up, but provide a hie degree of reliableness due to the manifold paths for data that are if by the large number of exuberant links between nodes. Other impair of workstations are indirectly connected, the data surpassingly through one or more intermediate nodes. The hub Acts of the Apostles as a sign repeater. The * topology is considered the easiest topology to design and implement. Physical topology is the position of the various components of a network, including shift locality and wire rope installation, while valid topology illustrates how data proceed within a mesh, careless of its material sketch. to and from the focal node) plus any delay generated in the central host. Adjacent set of workstations are instantly connected. If the machine address does not duplicate the intended court for the data, the shape ignores the data. The entangle plexus topology service either of two project, called full mesh and partial mesh. This nuclear cable length is the backbone of the net and is known as the bus (thus the name). 
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