Hy Techers, having to take windows phone into consideration, today we decided to take the window phone onto desk for a brief facts that you should know. About the Windows phone.

As Windows phone is one of the fairly used device in the globe, having about 7 facts I’ve learn and experience from windows phone.

 1 The Design Aspects

One of the top facts you have to know about a windows phone is the design aspects, as a simulated windows OS having to looks at the outer and inner design looks. We can take a notch about many models of the phone right from the olden versions to a newer ones.
Having to think about the kinds of the bodies technologies in windows phone but in terms of the inner displays so many people says it simulate that of a windows computer.

skytechers.com2 The Application Aspects

A very or one of the most common thoughts that comes into the minds of so many people is what kind of apps does or can it take or support.
My Best experience regarding a windows phone is rated at about 67% because taking some of the high wanted apps that every user wanted and uses daily for instance, taking the browser Application into action; the built in browser is the known internet explorer having to be less functioning while browsing some high animated sites, not like the android or the IOS Browsers that supports alot if functionalities.
But we are yet to see when will chrome launches windows phone support and other great apps.

3 Can We simulate android by using android apps on windows phone?

skytechers.comThat’s one of the viral question that windows phone users asks and a question that keeps circulating over the net. But what’s the real answer that deserves to be given when we are to follow what a real windows phone is equipped with.
Simply the answer is NO as windows phone was just mean for windows phone stuffs and Android phone was just mean for its stuffs. And you can’t have iphone or android apps on windows and vice versa. I know you might think of some windows phone support android apps well the answer is yes but know that its unofficial as windows phone developers and vendors didn’t programmed it to act like that. If we said its support then simple its just Android phone that simulates Windows appearance.

  • How About the feature can windows phone excels

When reading I doubt that’s what is going to come across your minds but lets take an analysis into consideration.
So the answer is YES as windows are trying with their awesome updates, when you take a look at the revolution of so many smartphones that are today among the supers, being the top listings in the smartphone industry, you can see that its true that windows phone can excels to the feature.

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  • what kind of hardware most windows come equipped with

The current generation of the devices  around a fairly common set of hardware components that is equiped with the device. The high-end devices feature dual-core 1.5 GHz processors, 1 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal storage and an HD-class display (1280 x 768 or 1280 x 720). The mid-level devices typically include the same processor and RAM, but less storage, albeit expandable via micro-SD, and an 800 x 480 resolution screen. On the low-end we see 1 GHz processors and 512 MB of RAM. That’s pretty much the range taking for some android. but to be sincere the specs are still bellow some major android devices and IOS.

  • Can the media specs fills your needs?

Well having to take windows phone media support into the field, we can see when it comes to the music aspect its a fantasy arena all the great sounds makes good music media.
And taking the pictures its really very great with some good camera pixels equipped with the device having bright pictures from your camera.
But the issues of video is where I think windows have to work on, its a little bit pretty but when watching high graphics movies it becomes really boring and tends not to support fully high graphics.

  • What Decision You can make about Windows

Having some little time together sorting the pros and cons of the windows phone will by know tells you the clearly picture of the device.
But a lot millions and billions of people out there are really enjoying the device, so if you plan to start using windows phone or switch to it; now you have a bit knowledge about what a windows phone really is.
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