Hy Techers today we are set in cooking a very important  task that’s Hint for great article to have a very nice looking and very useful post/articles as one of the best we to get your readers engage in a great way that will keep them visiting is by having a great post and when we talk about a great talk it really mean that great. so these best 6 outlined tips are;


Choosing a great niche(topic)

The first thing that most writers face is the topic to write about; therefore ending up choosing a topic they might not be good at. So in order to publish a great article, you have to know about or choose the topic you like to write about. And be very careful in terms of researching about the topics. so that’s the importance of this Hint for great article.

Title matters

Many bloggers face difficulties in choosing the title for their post there by ending up with the wrong title, to bypass this, you have to make sure that your title march what you are writing and also march your site title and or Description. I am sure if you can be careful with this, you will end up publishing great articles and also boosting your online presence (SEO).

          The main outline of your post points
This is the main plan of your work, you have to outline the main part you are going to cover in your post so that people may understand even better whenever they read your post, let’s say you  are going to write about gadgets; so your outline would be base on gadgets related keywords e.g. tech, reviews, latest and soon. So as to pass an understanding topic to your readers.

                    The Introduction Part

An introduction is a great way to keep your readers coming back and following or subscribing  to your blog; so make sure you know how the basics on how to make a very great and matured introduction; so that your reader s might understand what your post is all about even from  the introductory part. Provide a very nice introduction that your readers would always like coming back to your blog.

                                The main “Body”

This is where your attention should base, as I wrote above, don’t try to mess up with your topic for instance, you write a title about how to root an android , and then ending up without   giving the required information.

Also don’t copy and paste others work to your blog because that is what many noobs bloggers usually do; may be some finds it difficult type ore are too busy to do a research for their articles because they are too lazy to publish theirs.  As I loved my favorite quote “If you are looking for a book. But cant finds it, then its left for you to write your own version” that’s what normally comes into my mind whenever I want to publish a new topic in my blog. Also make some research to see different people ideas about what you want to write, so that you can combine many ideas and there by building up a more Unique and great article.
 Don’t full your article post with images or videos but a little content; rather try to have enough content (words) and less media(images or videos). This will also boost your SEO and a higher rank for your website.


                           The concluding part

The last step is the conclusion of your post; you just arrive at the concluding part and would like to end up your post in the right and greater way.

Then you have to make your conclusion in a mature way and also asking your readers to subscribe, like and comment.

Also embeds your social pages like Facebook fan page, twitter profile Google plus or and YouTube channel and encourage them to like or follow your site for your updates. This will increase your page views and also your site bounce rate, increasing your site popularity. Don’t forget to see you put the ultimate Hint for great article.
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