How to bypass the new Google email verification after phone reset ( Factory Reset Protection)

Most of us here knows now or are yet to know that Google have included a new anti theft security that comes mostly with some Android phones that runs Android version 5 which is known as the lollipop and higher.
Why the security?
It’s introduced to help users in terms of phone lost or stolen, the person can’t use the phone unless the previous email address used in the device was entered before the phone will unlock to the full home screen. And if you didn’t provide it, you can’t use the phone.
Why I wrote this
I wrote this not to help theft but at least to help some users.
You may buy the phone from someone (used) or it may be a gift from someone. And you have hard reset the phone to have all your details freshly in the phone so if you happen to come along and see the message that you have to provide the previous user account used with the phone. I bet some people would feel so badly or some even destroy the phone…. Lolz
So here’s a working process I am providing users with. Just try to keep calm and follow the provided instructions one by one don’t afford to miss a step as it may be the most important part of this article.
Wait before we start….
I think some are very anxious now so please as I take this as my favorite phrase “keep calm to understand” .you have to know that the Google hard reset security ( I call it GHRS ) don’t comes with version of Android that ranges from version 4.Downward it normally goes with version 5 upwards.
So let’s Roger that and opt-in.
Steps to bypass the GHRS
1… After factory reset or hard reset, make sure you didn’t distract your device will it’s rebooting, as the process takes a while, that’s why some people interrupt the process by either removing the battery or forcing the phone to go off thinking if they switch it on again the process will be faster. So please don’t try that or some apps will not work well.
2… Hold your home key to open the search button when you are prompted to connect to Wi-Fi. Some phones might come with their search buttons so you can try using it but mostly lollipop works by holding the home button until the Google Search screen appears.

3… Search the “settings” and enter it; make sure your sim is properly inserted.
4… Then enter your apps in the settings to manage your apps find an app tittles “Device policy” in the all apps settings. And disable it.

5… Then you need to enable the developer mode by pressing the “build” in the settings “About” section. Keep pressing the build unless a a little message beneath the build option saying “You are now a Developer” Hahahah what a funny. You just become a developer.

6… After enabling the developer mode, it’s now time to check for “OEM unlocking” that is whether to allow the boot-loader to be unlocked, just tick it and accept the warning.

7… After that just reboot your phone and you are done no need to enter the previous account used.
That’s just it you just learn how to unlock/bypass the GHRS process.

Note you have to switch on your device data from the settings>>Data usage>>Sim Name… Then just tick on it and your data will be switch on.
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Thanks for reading.
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  1. Hi

    I have Android 7.0 with Security patches from October 5th 2016 and cannot enable developers mode. Any idea?

    Best regards,

  2. Hi dear,
    its all the same kindly open the settings and look where your "About Phone" or "About" is located and then go to "Build" or some times "build number" and click it until you see a little message beneath the "build" saying "You are Now a Developer" click it seven times.
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