It’s obvious that when you are an internet user its a great idea to know what is mean by an IP address, because IP addresses are one of the major protocols of the internet.

Before we proceed

Having to start describing or highlighting what is an Internet Protocol would not favor some of the readers as we need to give a brief explain of what is an IP Address, how does it works and how many version it has.

Whats an Ip Address?

An IP Address (Internet Protocol Address) is a protocol that governs  the number assigned to a network which is equipped piece of hardware by which other device can identifies it On a network.

We have two versions;

  • IPV 4
  • IPV 6

Taking IPV4:

Internet protocol Version 4 or IPV4 in short is he fourth version of the Internet Protocol (IP). It is one of the core protocols of standards-based internetworking methods in the Internet, and was the first version deployed for production in the ARPANET (Advance Research Project Agency Network) in 1983. It still routes most Internet traffic today.

IPV4 come is such format 

Going Forward to IPV6:

Internet protocol version 6 or IPV6 in short is the most recent version of the Internet Protocol (IP), as the communications protocol that provides an identification and location system for computers on networks and routes traffic across the Internet.  An IPv6 was developed by the well known Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) to deal with the problem of IPv4 address exhaustion. IPv6 is intended to replace IPv4.

IPV6 comes in this format:

How it Reveals The True You

Changing or Hiding the IP address is one of the biggest concerns of all outsiders as the IP Address can reveal the identity of the outsider. Its just like your online address. If anyone can find your actual online address (IP Address), tracing you back won’t be that difficult.

Thus it is very important to hide or change your IP address before doing any kind of hacking attack or even think of doing so.

After getting hundreds of request on a tutorial on how to hide your IP address, here I am writing a detailed step by step tutorial on how to hide or change ip address.

Proxy Servers For Anonymity

We are using the proxy service called Hide my Ass (pro VPN) as a case study to see how or is it possible to Hide Some ones IP Address.

What’s that? Let’s Cook them in details.

We all know about proxy servers. They help us to hide your ip address or change ip address but there are many things you guys don’t know.

1) Free proxies are not completely anonymous – Your up can be disclosed by the website owner to the concerned authorities if needed.

2) Companies limit the maximum speed of browsing in free proxies – Say your internet speed is 8 Mbps, still using free proxies you can browse internet with a speed of only 265 kbps. This is irritating, isn’t it.

3) Many Webmasters can block users accessing free proxies.

There are different type of proxies. Read Types of Proxy | How to Hide IP Address for more.

Even I wanted a reliable and Elite Proxy which can help me completely hide my Online Identity and what else could be better than changing my IP address every minute. I looked for many solutions online and then I found the PRO VPN of Hide My Ass.

To be very honest, in the beginning I was a bit confused when I saw the software. I was not very sure if it would work the way I wanted to but then I gave it a try. I thought of jiving it a try just for 1 month. It was just for $11.52 then , not it costs $9.99 only. I could actually think of spending $11.52 for my only if it gave me the kind on anonymity I wanted on internet. It helped me secure my online Identity online.

Here are benefits I got after using the PRO VPN of Hide My Ass.

Super fast, high speed elite / anonymous proxies. Elite proxies are 100 times more secure than free proxies

I could select the country whose IP address I wanted in just 1 click. It offers over 38000+ unique IP Address from 53 different countries.

I can set the timer to automatically change the IP Address. This way my IP Address gets changed every minute without me bothering to do so. If I am implementing a hacking attack, no-one could actually find my actual IP Address so I am always on the safer side.

Anonymously Encryption

It anonymously encrypts all the traffic and works with all kind of platforms. Unlike free proxies the PRO VPN of Hide My Ass is not blocked by the websites. The traffic seems to be of legitimate human users, not proxies so on one can catch you using them. Once you enter the Software Dashboard, you get the interface shown.

We can select the IP Address of the country we want. There are 53+ countries and 38,000+ IP Address to chose from. Here is what the interface looks like.And you are just one click away to use a different IP Adress.

Before We say a Big Bye

 I was so overwhelmed by its response that I decided to write a detailed review about its performance.

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If you are still in doubt just go and give it a try. It surely is worth it. I am sure you can spend $9.99 for your online security. It can actually have you from $$$$ loss and at the same time secure your online id.

There are many other benefits of using this service. This post has already become too long so will not stretch it more, maybe I will soon write another blog post for you guys describing how this Best Proxy Service. But it helps you from getting hacked and increase your online security by continuously changing your IP Address.

Give it a try and share your views. Waiting for your feedback

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