Hello Readers i know you will be very surprise how Microsoft handles its design or may be some people that like customizing, and changing the look and feel of their operating system especially the widely used OS (Windows).

The Design Technology (Windows)


so today we are going to see how this new windows is designed or what categories of windows version does it simulate (windows 7, 8, 10 etc) well guess what i really loves the way the design is and it looks beautiful especially when you launch an app, or when you are performing a task which happen to make the designed windows a very attractive in it’s appearance.

How Safety Is This?

Well, what ever we encounter the next thing to have in mind is our security that we don’t want to use a malware, or a spyware or any form of technologically virus that may cause us to feel we lack security.

so security check is still processing in this new design of the windows meanwhile, its a hard task to say how clean it is but its foreseen that it would be clean and secured like the other designs of the windows we’ve been seeing.

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So since this is just a very short article, attached is a video that talks more about this amazing technology.

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