The Firewalls and the internet Security

Hy reader its about a network firewall today, its obvious that we’ve been here discussing about the Internet and the planet of technology. So today we are going to see what’s special about the internet security ( network firewalls).

What is a firewall

Firewall is a networked security system or layer which is tends to monitor and guide the incoming and out going of a network traffic, by some set of predetermined security rules. It establishes a barrier between a trusted secure internal network, and another outside network.

How does it work

skytechers.comNetwork firewall security works by filtering traffic flows between two or more networks.
Host firewalls provide a layer of software on a host that controls the traffic Flow of the network. In and out of a respective device.

Why Do we need A network firewall?

When ever it comes to the cyber world, the first thing that a user usually give a throw back question is his/her online security. Having to see they are safe while on a network, carrying out a secure activities in a safer way. So firewall play a very important role in terms of securing network.
Also hackers may be after your speed of connectivity in order to see they send some malicious and harmful stuffs blackening your reputation, or tracking you to get access to your files.
Some tends to have the power to destroy your operating system on a whim.

So firewall work as a barrier between your computer network and the internet; or let’s call it a shield between your computer network and the internet, there by blocking access to all malicious site or files.
So that’s why firewall its really very Important to always allow firewall to. be the control of your security.

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What can simulate the action of firewall in smartphones?

I know a lot of the Techers can roar out a question in their minds, since we know that a network firewall mostly happen to be preinstalled on computers.
And Knowing that hackers are increasing and some are doing the bad things. Can smartphones be attacked by hackers?
Well the truth is yes, hackers intruders can access our information quickly.

Well since PCs communicate with the help of ports,eg. HTTP communication takes place over port 80. Due to the nature of these ports, an open port is an avenue for an attack. That’s where network firewalls come in. and can easily be implemented without much advance hardship, since most PCs are configured with firewalls by default and the user can go for modifying the settings for his own

But how does it communicate?

The smartphones also communicate with the Internet. But, AFAIK, they don’t come configured in any way with a firewall of any kind usually built in. But doesn’t that mean that your phone is practically open for access by anyone since you have the ad-don to implement as an additional security.
If nothing is listening on a port, then no connection will be made to the firewall or your other serving ad-don app. The same applies for desktop computers and servers. But in smartphone, we can say you’re safe without a firewall if nothing is listening and the TCP stack in the OS isn’t vulnerable.

We use network firewalls on desktops/servers because they are available and every layer of security helps, but mobile OS developers thought that was unnecessary and are confident in their TCP stack implementation (I think a firewall would induce additional CPU load which will decrease battery life).

There is actually a long debate on Server fault about whether you should use network firewalls on servers, you should check it out and make your own choice whether you want to install a firewall on your mobile device.

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Also take note that most mobile networks out there use carrier-grade NAT which means, at least on IPv4, that your device is not directly reachable from the Internet and this provides some sort of basic protection (you’re still exposes to attacks coming from that same mobile network).

Of course this point no longer applies with IPv6 there by making your mobile security to be at your stack.

But Do we really need Firewall

A detailed experience about what a network firewall can be is of great importance, since the best option that follows is your online security. Having great time surfing the internet in a secure way without any one stepping into your device.

So dear techers have you experience a security attack that you need to share with us, or do you have more Network firewall strategies you think can improve the security of all? then kindly share your stories with us in the comment section.

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